Terrific Twos

I know they’re called the “terrible twos” but I think they can be terrific too.


This last week I’ve had the pleasure of spending some time with my God-daughter Krystal, her husband Rob and their two year old son Andreas.  I remember well having a two year old in the house… the joy, the laughter, the delight, as well as the tears and the sleepless nights.  But Andreas reminded me of the delight in the face of a two year old who masters something new.  And as I think about Andreas and his smile, and the joy he brings to his parents and those around him, I wish we could take this joy and spread it around the world.


What happens to us?


How is it that at age two, learning is a delight, walking is its own reward, and we are deeply in love with life… and then twenty, thirty, fifty, seventy years later it all changes.  Deep seated cynicism replaces curiousity, and our posture becomes one of suspicion.


Can we be two again?


Maybe not, and maybe that’s for the best for a variety of reasons.  But still, when I think about Jesus’s invitation for learners to become like children in our walk of faith, I can’t help but think of little Andreas.  What can we do to reconnect with some of that vitality, that excitement, that joy?


What can and do you do, to be “two” again?


6 thoughts on “Terrific Twos

  1. somethinggrand says:

    I met an 89 year old man once who had decided the year before that he wanted to learn Russian, and was taking private lessons. I think he had that terrific two attitude!

  2. Miranda Gray says:

    My personal commitment to being two is do more creating – Lego, crafts, etc. Kids make new things all the time but outside things I make for work…

  3. agjorgenson says:

    yes, yes, creativity fuels rejuvenation fuels creativity etc

  4. Just got in and feeling bush-wacked back from spending the day with my two year old granddaughter. We horsed around, blew bubbles, and sang “zoom, zoom, zoom we’re going to the moon…” in a circle at the “music and rhythm” class at the local recreation centre. I love to immerse myself in her world and to “climb aboard her rocketship” as she takes with her on her journey of discovery. She reminds me that everyday…
    “…somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known.~ Carl Sagan

  5. agjorgenson says:

    Now that my girls are teenagers and young adults I miss those moments, although every now and then they recur. Thanks Vida!

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