Creek’s Side in December

Slipping over pebbled bed
liquid lauds.
With a patter perceived only by ears of faith
snow hymns.
Pine needles point beyond trunks true
to truth, and banks,
oh banks,
so snowy soft they escape description
describe mercy.
I can see my breath even while
because mine in this moment is Breath,
hallowed here at
creek’s side in December.


12 thoughts on “Creek’s Side in December

  1. Marie Taylor says:

    Nicely said. It makes me miss the winter snows.

  2. I love the term ‘liquid lauds’, for its poetic and its other possibilities!

  3. agjorgenson says:

    Well, when you are next here, we will have to raise a glass in laudification!

  4. shoreacres says:

    I do like the “liquid lauds” phrase, too. It’s lovely, and so evocative. Actually, I rather like “Apres Ski” as a title, even though you used it just as an introduction. It suggests such a nice contrast between the activity of skiing and the silence and solitude after.

    In any event, lovely poem. Thank you!

  5. agjorgenson says:

    Thanks Linda. I pondered using Apres Ski as a title, but decided for the current (!) title in order to signal the location of the observations for the reader. But now I wonder whether the last line would have felt fuller if it had stood on its own. But I may change my mind again tomorrow…

  6. jannatwrites says:

    Beautiful poem. Seeing your breath while breathless doesn’t seem possible, but it is!

  7. agjorgenson says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words. It came from a lovely moment over the holidays.

  8. diannegray says:

    Absolutely beautiful, Allen! 😀

  9. agjorgenson says:

    Thanks so very much Dianne! I hope you are staying out of the fires and smoke!

  10. dianerivers says:

    I love how you used alliteration to create musical rhythm in this poem: “liquid lauds, patter perceived, trunks true to truth, pine needles point, snowy soft, breathless because, hallowed here”. And the lovely repetition of words: “banks, oh banks”, “breath … breathless … Breath”. The image you’ve created sings! Your poem is itself a hymn of worship. Thank you for sharing.

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