The Shank of my Pen

I look down the shank of my pen –

this “mightier than the sword” menace that I wield.

It bleeds blue.

Strange, this wounded weapon.

Or perhaps not.


What is the nature of a pen’s might?

Is it not to write of wrongs and

so to score with a measured weakness? With

mirror words?


 Satis est.  This is enough:

To look to aim – not mar or maim – to

measure strength differently:

to weep words.


14 thoughts on “The Shank of my Pen

  1. M.J. Perry says:

    Pacem in veritate.

  2. Marie Taylor says:

    love the phrase ‘to weep words’

  3. agjorgenson says:

    Thanks Marie! I pondered that for a title. Who knows, that might yet happen on an edit.

  4. shoreacres says:

    Hmmmm… I think “To weep words” might be limiting for a title. What you have now allows for a vision of the pen being truly mighty, capable of containing every sort of word.

    I smiled when I saw the phrase “It bleeds blue”, because I just had left a note elsewhere about our cursive handwriting classes in grade school, and how proud we were in fourth grade to be allowed to use an ink pen. When I started, those were real ink pens, too, wooden with metal nibs that we attached and dipped in ink bottles. By junior high, the cartridge sort had arrived, and the mechanically fillable that were such fun.

    I’ve turned mostly keyboard myself now, simply because my hand can’t keep up with my thoughts. Part of that is my leaping from one thought to the other, but the other (perhaps more important part) is the beginning of arthritis and hand cramps!

  5. agjorgenson says:

    I suspect you are right about the title. Besides which, it could very well be the case that changing a poem’s title is as fraught with danger as changing a ship’s name. I don’t want to mess with that! As for the pen, my current boss gave me a fountain pen a couple of years ago that I have grown to love. But I generally restrict it to writing poetry – rather like I restrict “sipping” to drinking Scotch. Otherwise, it is the keyboard for me as well. My keyboard has not yet inspired me, but who knows what form the muse will next take?

  6. jannatwrites says:

    This is beautiful. I liked ‘write of wrongs’ – it made me think of ‘righting wrongs’ which we may or may not choose to do with words.

  7. agjorgenson says:

    Thanks! I am so glad you like it. Words well wielded are powerful tools, but differently so.

  8. tripsfor2 says:

    Thank you for your eloquence. YOUR writing reminds us that the pen and any other writing instrument should be used to right wrongs. Added to strong voices, there is no more powerful force for change.

  9. agjorgenson says:

    Glad you enjoyed it, and glad that you too take part in right wrongs in your own way!

  10. Or perhaps at times to bleed them?

  11. agjorgenson says:

    Yes, I suppose we can bleed them, or perhaps they can bleed us? Have to think about that…

  12. I also appreciate the strength of words (mightier than a weapon of violence) to “write wrongs”, and how a writer attempts”to look to aim”, as that says a lot about how and why we choose words.
    And man, you’re brave in this forum to let all your chosen words be mulled over and commented on by others ( though they all sound like fans of yours, like me). Keep on pleasing and inspiring with your poetry.

  13. agjorgenson says:

    Thanks for the reply: I truly appreciate your thoughts. Yes, people in blog world seem to be pretty encouraging, so it is a nice place to try out ideas etc.

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