So Many Poems

So many poems, and

a good number of them


Refusing decorative decency, they

ravage good sense.

Sensually, they

awaken passion.

Raging, they

resurrect revolt.

Some of these poems

even evoke



14 thoughts on “So Many Poems

  1. Marie Taylor says:

    I love the feral image – so unexpected and apt!

  2. diannegray says:

    Oh so true, Allen and beautifully penned 😀

  3. jannatwrites says:

    Feral poetry ravaging good sense – great image!

  4. shoreacres says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that everyone — myself included! — responds so strongly to that image of a feral poem. It’s not only concrete, it’s really interesting. An alley cat of a poem could prowl into some interesting places.

    By the way — good luck, and way to go! Now — What’s a cts paper?

    • agjorgenson says:

      Glad you like it! CTS is the Canadian Theological Society, of which I am the soon-to-be past-president. My paper is titled “Imago Dei, Imago Mundi: Imagining a Modest Humanity.” It has been coming together nicely, which is always fun. Sometimes they are a grind.

  5. Denise Hisey says:

    Hey Allen, like others have mentioned -I like the feral image too. Very unique and visual!

  6. dianerivers says:

    Okay, add my vote to the list of those who like the feral poem idea. That grabbed me as soon as I read it! I also like, “raging, they resurrect revolt”. The repetition of the “R” sound makes me think of an engine being gunned and the explosion of movement to follow when it’s put in gear. What a fun poem ~ you have such a gift.

  7. Love the poem, which sounds a bit like it screams on the street outside our windows and keeps us awake before we finally settle back to sleep.

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