Restore, Recycle, Remember Revisited

Some of my readers expressed interest in the results of my “Restore, Recycle, Remember” project.  So here it is! Unfortunately, I only took a “Before” picture of the credenza.  You see it in my basement, not quite yet full of sawdust- although it was more sandingdust since little sawing was involved in this project.



The desk was in rougher shape, but both were basically wounded and worn.  My guess is that they had not seen any varnish, oil or care for some 30 years.  Here is the credenza in its new home.


What you see is the result of furniture stripper, sanding, light staining and Tung Oil.  I first tried varnish but was not happy with the results.  I am pleased with this look, which seems fitting for my office.  Below is the top of the desk.  Check out the beautiful wood choice by the artists/woodworkers who first made this.


Below is a bit broader picture of the desk in its setting.  You might not see, but I have left the desk for books, and made a little computer table for the side.  It is made of a piece of glass found at Goodwill for $5.00 (Canadian!  Cheaper in the USA!!).  A set of legs was found at the Restore (an arm of Habitat for Humanity) for $ 15.00.  On the ledge behind I have set another piece of glass (this one $ 3.00) sitting upon ten four inch cylinders of wood.  These cylinders are slices of a large branch that came down from our maple tree in the ice storm this last December.  This allows me the luxury of stand up computing without investing hundreds of dollars in a desk with adjustable heights.


This was a most exciting and invigorating way to spend my July.  I learned a lot, much of which does not admit expression, but allow me this single summary:  honest work that taxes the body sometimes salves the soul.


16 thoughts on “Restore, Recycle, Remember Revisited

  1. dianerivers says:

    Wow. That is impressive! The wood grain on the desk is amazing. Somehow I think these pieces are all the more valuable for the part of yourself you have invested in them. Congratulations!

  2. silverliningsanddustbunnies says:

    Absolutely stunning! You have brought its “spirit” back to life with your work. Well done.

  3. Marie Taylor says:

    Beautiful. Well done. You have a very ‘personal’ office in which to write now.

  4. Now tell us about the painting!

  5. shoreacres says:

    The grain in that wood is just marvelous. You’ve done a beautiful job, and your office looks to be a pleasure to work in. I like the way you’ve arranged to keep the computer, etc., away from the desk, and I especially like those windows.

    You’ve encouraged me to do a little more de-cluttering around my place, too.

    • agjorgenson says:

      I’m very happy to inspire you in any way possible! I generally keep a pretty uncluttered work space, although this is a little cleaner than it will be in a few month’s time!

  6. jannatwrites says:

    That is a nice finish on the desk. The space as a whole looks peaceful – beautiful place to work!

  7. Denise Hisey says:

    What a treasure, Allen!
    You did such a marvelous job bringing out the ‘real’ desk underneath!

  8. Great project! I especially like the branch cross-sections under the shelf.

    pax Rob

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