Tasting Trials

It is impossible
to do justice to
taste even while I yearn
to tell of delights
tickling my tongue with
this delicacy or that.
This tantalized tongue
that tries to talk knows that
it cannot describe taste to
a “t” and so knows intimately
language that limps;
speech that works with lack.
It points, it gestures, it stammers;
but it cannot stop.
This tongue peppered with fire
refuses silence even though its words flail
as they try to fly
like chick from nest,
like dove from ark.


6 thoughts on “Tasting Trials

  1. dianerivers says:

    This made me smile. A whimsical word picture complete with sound effects! I read it aloud just to enjoy the stacatto repetitions of letters and the rhythm of the flailing and flying words. I think you had fun writing this one!

    • agjorgenson says:

      Thanks Diane! I did enjoy writing it. It is a theme I have thought about for some time. It revolves around watching daytime television hosts trying to portray their approval of a guest’s delicacy. It always seems to forced and highlights the seeming impossibility of describing taste adequately – even though we really want to!

  2. shoreacres says:

    Those last two lines really profited from eliminating the article in front of “chick” and “dove”, I think.

    And I really laughed at your highlighting of the “t” that runs through the alliteration. This is a fun piece. It puts me in mind of Proust’s famous madeleine in “Remembrance of Things Past.” No need to find yourself ten pounds of Proust. The section called “The Cookie” has been posted separately online, and you can read it in a single bite.

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