This Side of Language

These days the squirrels
query me about the nature of life
on this side of language.

I reply that their
play displays a tongue
of their own, one
that portrays that
theirs is not mine.

And yet, yet if I look
with intention and listen
with attention I discern
their voice as mine

This is a mystery:
to listen is to divine;
to watch is to marvel;
and perhaps to speak
of this spoken life.


10 thoughts on “This Side of Language

  1. Marie Taylor says:

    lovely. our little squirrel friends are delightful. 🙂

  2. Mary says:

    The squirrels can teach us something about simplicity and living more lightly….

  3. diannegray says:

    Nature in it’s purest form. This is beautiful, Allen.

  4. shoreacres says:

    You’ve captured a certain reality, perfectly. I raised and lived for several years with a pet squirrel. They certainly do communicate, and we’d best learn to listen!

  5. Lovely voice, great alliterations. The wisdom of nature and her creatures.

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