Treasure in Heaven

Wet leaf, framed by pavement

bleeding blue;

Chipmunk, startled by human eyeing

its surreptitious caching;

Sky so clear that it waters

eyes with beauty;

Child smiling at seeing me

seeing her;

Paddle in still water, and

the soft sweep of canoe;

Laughter around table, sweet

breath upon cheek;

Words that work soul as soil;

Bread and wine taken and taking in;

Water washing;


These – all – treasure in heaven and so earth.

11 thoughts on “Treasure in Heaven

  1. Marie Taylor says:

    a lovely moment.

  2. words that work soul and soil – beautiful

  3. oops: soul as soil (autocorrect)

  4. diannegray says:

    “Sky so clear that it waters eyes with beauty” I love this line. The only other thing that can do that to me is music xxx

  5. shoreacres says:

    I saw my first V of flying geese last week, and had that experience of (geese in) “skey so clear that it waters eyes with beauty.” I heard them first, looked up, and saw them — so grateful for these new eyes.

    I love the images of silent communication, too: the child and the chipmunk. This is a poem that makes me eager to go out and face the day. Who knows what I’ll find?

    • agjorgenson says:

      I’m so glad it made you eager, and I hope the day fed your anticipation with a horn of plenty! It is interesting about the geese. They have taken to living in our environs year round now. And the possums have immigrated into territory once devoid of them, and this summer we heard of raccoon on the prairie. At the same time, turkeys have been reintroduced in our area, and are doing very well. Nature is always on the move, sometimes with our help!

  6. jannatwrites says:

    God is evidenced in some of the beauty that surrounds us. It’s up to us to take notice.

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