Not Far from Night’s Silence

Not far from night’s silence
is a horizon where
darkness weeps
for joy at

So delighted is eve at day’s
break that she gladly
dies in nativity
but even as
labour’s pains
become acute, death
is denied its sting because
day promises to die
in turn: daughter
to mother when
dusk in


2 thoughts on “Not Far from Night’s Silence

  1. shoreacres says:

    I especially like the first, shorter stanza. The metaphor’s quite wonderful.

    The poem as a whole reminds me of another poem written by a blogging friend years ago — so along ago that she’s apparently gone off to other things. The blog isn’t available any more, so all I can share is the title and main theme: “I Will Daughter You.” It was such a creative way of approaching changing relationships, just as you do here.

  2. agjorgenson says:

    Thanks Linda! I’m saddened to know that the blog is no longer available. I would love to have read more. I sometimes wonder how long these things will stay up. It is common to hear that what is on the internet is there forever, but perhaps that is only true for those with will and the means to do deep searches.

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