Words Sovereign and Free

They will not be coerced,
these words sovereign and free –
although I might coax them
with appropriate libations
or prognostications that
evoke their curiosity.

The other day my eyes
were on the street and
“peregrination” poked its
head around the corner, but
it walked away –
of course.

And I know
we cannot force
the hand of “manipulation,”
but if we wait, quietly, at
night with the stars, we
jut might catch
“consternation,” or
perhaps a

7 thoughts on “Words Sovereign and Free

  1. Mary irene says:

    Delightfully insightful

  2. shoreacres says:

    This made me laugh. I wrote a post, years ago, about a word that was forlorn because it was too long for Twitter or texting. Maybe I’ll perigrinate my way back to that post, manipulate the words a bit more, and see if my Mr. Val can be coaxed back into life.

    I did wonder why you included “consternation.” Then, I checked the etymology, and was surprised to find it comes from the Latin, “to lay prostrate.” That’s exactly how I watched Comet Luling — flat on the ground in the parking lot, with my head on the curb. I was consternating!

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