Sacred You

The world is scarred, and
its people bleed; their
tears stain oceans. Earth’s
skin is torn; hope
evaporates. Dreaming
reverts again to nightmared
sleep that leaves, that left
both Mother and child bereft.


And yet You come, You
Healer of our Every Ill, You
Balm in Gilead, in Syria, in Ecuador, in Attawapiskat –
rippling across globe like
pebbled waves – as dogged as
spring’s march, sap’s flow, universe’s expanse.


You kiss this scar we are
and etch beauty across pain.
You come to us again.
You come.

6 thoughts on “Sacred You

  1. dianerivers says:

    This is faith: to believe – in the face of all that is contradictory – that He comes, He heals, He kisses the scar we are. How beautiful and hopeful.

  2. LC Mueller says:

    Best one yet, Allen. You just keep getting better and better- loving your work. Inspired.

  3. Mary Irene says:

    Thank you so very much for this soul stirring piece.

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