Maybe Naught

Maybe this poetry thing is
not for me. Maybe
I’m more
prose or
plaint or plain
old crossword.

Maybe I should just
take this sorry note-
book and tear out
this page to
start a fire and
that to
role a smoke or simply turn the lot
of them into airplanes, or go
artisanal with origami.

But no, no, not
yet. Still I
scratch, still I
abide this agony, this
being borne by
Word, whose
way is
sheer silence, too.


4 thoughts on “Maybe Naught

  1. diannegray says:

    Wonderful questioning of creative genius, Allen xxx

  2. shoreacres says:

    Your musings reminded me of this wonderful quotation from writer John McPhee: “You find out what sort of writer you’ll be by banging around from one form to the next.” Both of us certainly have done our share of banging around!

    A certain confidence is needed, I think. On a lark, I submitted a trio of haiku to an American Scholar competition, and despite there only being 49 entries, got nary a mention. It amused me, because I still think mine were far better than most entries. Back in the day, I would have assumed those scholarly judges were right, and I was bad. Today? I fear standards have been so lowered they couldn’t recognize quality! (Tongue in cheek, here, but not very firmly.)

    Carry on. The paper airplanes would be fun, but better to make them from torn pages from an academic journal.

    • agjorgenson says:

      Yes, a little banging about is a good thing indeed! Mixing things up seems to push the creative juices in this way and that. I like what you have to say about confidence. A couple of years back, a friend and I both submitted poems to a poetry contest hosted by a magazine in Canada. Three poems were to be published, and from all of the entries, two ended up being from the same author, which said quite a bit about the editors’ ability to attend to difference! Your comment about the airplanes brought out a good laugh for me. Yes, indeed, there have been far too many trees sacrificed to academic journals to no good purpose. So we soldier on!

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