Stars tell tales

Stars tell tales, but
few have ears to hear
such light, to see
such songs yet
mystics and children and the odd poet,
too, can turn light to sound and
sound to light to delight us
plebeians.  These might
draw us  out and so
speak in us the spark
that begins
the burn.


Embers echo stars.
They twinkle sagas of
births and deaths;
of dragons and elves.


The chronicles of trees and my kind, too,
are not so very different:
tears, sap
sap, blood
blood, leaf
leaf, skin
skin, bark
bark, voice
voice, root
root, foot
foot and trunk both
drunk in the Mystery.


2 thoughts on “Stars tell tales

  1. diannegray says:

    So true – and beautifully written, Allen xxx

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