Deep calls me deep

20160726_175802 (2)

Lake Superior, near the Pictographs


This silver on blue – sun
kissing inland sea –
undoes me. My breath is
taken away like
air by flame and
I am oddly afloat.
What is this lake
It works
me profoundly:
deep calls me deep and
I feel its swells in
portending and subterranean
ways – waves of watching wash
me free from not-seeing
this sea, this greatest lake
that measures me:
I am found
more of it,
of its Maker.


6 thoughts on “Deep calls me deep

  1. shoreacres says:

    I’ve never seen the Great Lakes, except perhaps a bit of Lake Superior. I don’t really remember that. I only remember that we went to Hibbing, MN, when I was a kid, and I got a little glass tube filled with all of the layers of soil from the iron ore mines.

    But I digress. I haven’t really explored the Great Lakes. I was thinking the other day, I need to do that. It would have to be in a year or two, so I could save enough money to make the trip. And, it would be easier if I could (ssssshhhhh) do it after the cat has died. Anyway, when I looked at the map of the UP of Michigan, I discovered that Waterloo and etc. is pretty much a straight shot.

    But I digress, again. I love this line:

    waves of watching wash
    me free from not-seeing

    There’s so much being written and said about “seeing” these days, but if we don’t watch, we don’t see. It takes time, and letting loose of expectations if we’re going to see the “miracles and wonders” that surround us.

    • agjorgenson says:

      Thanks especially for the last bit. As I sat at the edge of the Lake I thought a bit about it watching me, and found that both comforting and compelling. As for the trip, I think you would find it a delight. You would be most welcome in Waterloo should you make that shot straight!

  2. diannegray says:

    I can feel the rhythm of the waves in this piece, Allen. Nicely done xxxx

  3. Mary says:

    splendid and completely felt 🙂

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