To Be in this Poem

This poem is not penned for you.
It serves but one purpose: it
stays my soul, purging it of
clutter clanging about
and wearying
me with

This poem is
for my calm
my balm
but I will share it
with you if you need
a distraction, a subtraction
of all musts that
foment in your life, like


Now. Time to breathe,
just to breathe, to be
in this poem


4 thoughts on “To Be in this Poem

  1. P Finch says:

    Exquisite words for a pre-yoga class meditation…

  2. shoreacres says:

    It’s surprising how much difference a brief respite can make in our lives: whether that respite is a poem, a journey, or even a simple refusal of those who profit by din.

    Even though I live without a television and social media, at least for the most part, and even though I avoid certain sorts of websites and news stories like the plague, I’ve now had eight days of only inhaling and exhaling. I haven’t heard a word about politics or world affairs, even while sitting at table with other bed and breakfast guests. It’s as though I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole to a world where people work, smile, offer help, and generally go about their business without a bit of hype. No din, here, Gunga! It will be interesting to see if I can maintain this sense of equilibrium once I’m home.

    • agjorgenson says:

      Best wishes on achieving equilibrium on return! And congratulations on finding a place of breathing deeply that is away from the insanities of the moment. It sounds like a splendid rabbit hole.

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