Steeling for Snow

I shoveled the walk
yesterday, leaving my snow
blower to rest, warming
up to its summer
hibernation. I settled
on the old fashioned scrape
of metal against concrete –
content with the push and pull
of these two, their force
felt in the vibration of
the wooden handle,
occupying my hands.

This steel shovel, so much heavier than its burden,
is a solid reminder of the days before plastic
when we lived a little closer to the earth.

The snow blower was
bought to hedge my
bets against heart attacks
and such. It is much
appreciated and yet some
days the nearly silent to and fro
of shovel sits well with
the serene snow about to go –
even though it only just arrived,
from far too far for me to
put it back from whence
it came.

2 thoughts on “Steeling for Snow

  1. shoreacres says:

    Perfection. Just perfection. Every word is just right. Not only did you bring back the concrete experience, you somehow captured the easy rhythm of shoveling in your words.

    Dang! It makes me want to go out and shovel — right now!

    • agjorgenson says:

      Thanks for this encouragement. Alas, we ended the day with freezing rain that is now becoming rain. So, it seems, an ice pick and bucket will have to replace my shovel!

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