No Truck with Deception

The sky holds no
truck with deception – nor
does it countenance
circumvention. It is
the soul of the earth:
soul, and skin.

The sky’s shudders
announce that You
are nigh and it
drips at
Your caress.

We wait below, as
dermal cells,
to and fro:
Now – shaking under shiver
Now – languishing under sigh.
Now – weeping at such beauty.

2 thoughts on “No Truck with Deception

  1. shoreacres says:

    This one’s intriguing, but a little opaque for me. I’m going to let it sit in its own tab for a while, and see how it reads after a couple of days. As the kids like to say these days, “It’s not you — it’s me!”

    I do love your use of the expression about “having no truck with.” That’s pure Texas talk. How did you get ahold of that one? Is the phrase used up there, too?

    • agjorgenson says:

      Yes, I can see (!) it being opaque! Let it be, and maybe it will land, or not. As for the “truck” phrase, I heard it some years ago and was intrigued by it although I seem not to have many occasions to use it. I think people in these parts might know it from “truck and trade” in reference to dealings. On another note, I used Mary Oliver’s “Blue Horses” in chapel today alongside of Is. 65:17-25, and that landed quite well. The right piece of poetry at the right time is gift…

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