A Blessing for Pilgrims for Indigenous Rights

Friends, I was asked to provide a blessing for some pilgrims walking from Kitchener to Ottawa in support of Bill C 262, which requests the implementation in Canada of the United Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as the framework for truth and reconciliation, as per the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s report. This pilgrimage has been organized by the Mennonite Church Canada. My blessing followed upon a traditional sending by Myeengun Henry, an Ojibway elder in our city. The text for it follows:

God bless you in this journey of justice and peace.

May your feet feel each treaty
Holding you as you cross its reach,
Sustaining you as you walk in a good way.

May your ears be ready to hear
The stories sown in the territory you
Traverse step by step.

May your hearts beat in time with
Our Mother, the Earth
Who watches over you
In love, in delight.

May your minds be as one
In the community you are
On the way to truth and reconciliation.

And may you know

That your knowing is first being known.

And your loving is first being loved.

And your passion for justice and peace

Is first and finally God’s Reign in your midst.

God be above you, below you , behind you, beside you, before you and within you – as Holy Flame; as Sacred Word.

4 thoughts on “A Blessing for Pilgrims for Indigenous Rights

  1. lovely, just lovely, and a blessing I hope that I might have permission to use for the Battleford Walk out west this summer.

  2. shoreacres says:

    i hear echoes of St. Patrick’s breastplate in those last words. Wholly appropriate, and perfectly revised to suit this new use. It’s a lovely, strong blessing.

    Those are some lovely new flowers you’ve added, too. It seems that spring finally has arrived for you.

    • agjorgenson says:

      Glad you enjoyed the flowers, which I am most certainly watching with glad delight! Spring is on its way, although we have had quite a bit of rain as of late. But that is good: April showers etc.

      Yes, I think the Breastplate is behind that last line. I have a colleague who used to do something similar, but added a verb to each: above you to watch over you, etc. This was really quite nice, but too much in this context.

      At any rate, it seemed to do what needed to be done, and so our walkers are off and on their way! My wife and I joined them for the first 12 kms or so. They have to get a bit more ambitious since they hope to make 600 kms in 3 weeks. They may have to mix a bit of riding in with their walking, but that would have been done quite readily by pilgrims of old!

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