Tales from my Office

This week afforded me the opportunity to move into the office that I will call home for the next 14 months, or so, while our seminary building undergoes extensive renovation. I wrote of this a couple of weeks ago, and noted that we are moving into residences converted into offices. I have the happy accident of being assigned a former living room, which means that I am now in the largest office I have ever enjoyed, or ever will enjoy.

In my last space, I was able to make use of a large ledge under a generous window in order to create a stand up desk, and so wondered what I would do in my new space. I found it quite helpful to spend the mornings standing at my desk, and the afternoons seated, a happy combination which my then configuration afforded me.

While moving in, I had need to remove some excess chairs from office to one of the residence quads serving as storage for our pilgrimage. As I walked about the flotsam and jetsam of this and that about to spend 14 months in hiding, I came up the display case that used to house a rather old German missal. It can also serve as a lectern, with a glass front on an incline that you can look through to see whatever is on display. Fortuitously, the height of this magnificent piece of solid oak was exactly the height at which I type, and so I decided to migrate it to my office after chatting with my Principal Dean, who gave me the thumbs up. I built a small stand on the wall behind it, to hold my 2nd monitor, which, with a second keyboard, provides me opportunity to stand and type.


But as l thought about using this glorious wooden work of art merely to hold my keyboard, I wondered if it might serve a dual purpose. I then came upon the idea of using the case to display, one by one, the various art books I have in my office. In addition to putting them, one by one, on my desk, they will now cycle their way into the display case. This will give me the occasion, from time to time, to glance down from my screen to see sights, sacred and not, looking up at my fingers dancing across keys.

Something seems right about this: pictures picturing me squirreling away with words, all the while knowing that our happy pilgrimage together will one day end when the display case returns to its former glory, and me to a new office. For now, it joins me in the peculiar glory that is at the crux of teaching, researching, administering and doing the odds and ends that lend a curious concreteness to my day, every day.

20170428_153437 Soli Deo Gloria!

4 thoughts on “Tales from my Office

  1. diannegray says:

    Well done, Allen. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this lovely space for the next 14 months 🙂

  2. shoreacres says:

    I’ve always enjoyed moving, just because I enjoy the dual processes of deciding what to keep, and then deciding how to arrange what I’ve kept. I love that you were granted the living room, I suspect you’ll do a lot of living there. But what I have to know is — have they moved someone into the kitchen? I wouldn’t mind that, myself. It would be like a word of permission to cook up who-knows-what!

    • agjorgenson says:

      You are correct! I will do a lot of living there. I have a Jewish colleague who is beside me in the former kitchen. His is an interesting space, although smaller than mine. His floor is half wood, and half linoleum. Make what you will of that, but you can be sure than all that he cooks up will be kosher! He has the happy presence of an overhead light, which is missing in all the other rooms. Older homes, like the one we live in, have these in many rooms, but it is rarer in newer homes (although this former residence is hardly new). He also has a fan! We are all happily ensconces now, for which I am very grateful. It will be a very fine place, it seems.

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