The Bridge Called September

There is a view from
the bridge called September
by which one can see
a road, calling
wayfarers to
turn onto it and so into
brave and
trembling on holy ground.

Many have stepped
onto this path –
some singing,
some swearing,
most sweating –
but all who enter there
never see the world
the same again.

Some of us are given
the grace to walk for a time with
those on this journey. Do
not think I take it
for granted.

With each step of each pilgrim

my heart races and

my soul soars and

my mind burns at a hint of a future.


10 thoughts on “The Bridge Called September

  1. Amen! And prayers and thoughts for all those for whom it is a radically new adventure this September. Thank-you AJ.

  2. Mary Irene says:

    September anticipation. ….so lovely a description!

  3. shoreacres says:

    I hope you’ll have a chance to use this in a chapel service, or some other occasion. It really is lovely, and captures both the anxiety and anticipation of the scholastic season in an especially apt way. I like it very much.

  4. diannegray says:

    I love that last line, Allen. September anticipation is a great description.

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