This Lumen

These candles alit
outside on this fall
night usurp the sun for a time.
This trinity of soft
light plays well on my
eyes, weary of too
much clarity, too
much certainty, too
much of that kind
of faith that is
finally aloof.

These three wick a joy from
deep in heaven; a joy
hovering above the
window of my soul.

This, this lumen
settles me and I am
happy for this time
of grace, when the
aureole rays of these
three kings stay my
anxious heart
and illumine

8 thoughts on “This Lumen

  1. shoreacres says:

    Unaccountably, your poem reminds me of the old question about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. I always wondered about people who would ask such a question. If I saw angels, and if they were dancing, who would care how many there were?

    Beyond that, the gift of seeing the world in a softer light is a gift not to be taken lightly.

    • agjorgenson says:

      Well I’m not quite sure how this poem reminds you of that question, but I am happy for the remembering all the same! That’s a come-back that I am sure to remember.

      • shoreacres says:

        I think it came to me because of your words about “too much clarity, too much certainty.” There’s mystery in life, and sometimes it’s enough to honor and enjoy it, rather than trying to clarify it to death. Do you know Iris DeMent? She has a fine song about some of these mysteries.

      • agjorgenson says:

        Oh, that is a lovely piece of music. Thanks for alerting me to it! That could make itself into class one day…

  2. I love the three kings here. Lovely, A.

  3. “finally aloof” – great line. Sappho has a line “someone will remember us, I say – even in another time.” To be remembered is the non-aloof connection we seek.

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