Infected Hope

Not so very far
from hope dwells love,
where time is stopped
with this gesture and
that glance. Each
is but a breathing
that this is enough.

Some say God is
love and so it seems;
but hope too is infected
with the divine; this sacred
contagion spreading
like wild fire, like a
virtuous virus,
me to see
trees at prayer
skies in rhapsody
and you, yes You.

8 thoughts on “Infected Hope

  1. Surekha Nelavala says:

    Hope is what sustains us. Thank you for sharing,

  2. shoreacres says:

    The particularity is what makes this, I’d say: “this” gesture and “that” glance — not to mention those trees, and skies.

    It’s so hopeful to suggest that, if hope is infected, the contagion can be passed on. Perhaps we should beware those innoculating against hope with injections of despair, anger, and so on…

    • agjorgenson says:

      Thanks. Yes there is more than enough anger and despair. These days the anger seems especially acute. I think a bit more attention to what surrounds us helps us to locate our sufferings, perceived or real, in a little bit bigger narrative. Thankfully we have some artists and poets, musicians and architects that give us those gestures that invite these glances that help us to see a broader horizon.

  3. Not just like. I love this one, Allen. It really speaks through the quiet words. Thank-you.

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