The Present in Your Presence

Today You touched me
and I trembled – the world
slid a little to one side,
and adrift
I held to You in the
gap – Your eyes
holding and warming me,
Your heart encompassing
mine. You, God, You
meet me in so many
ways – now
with a glance – now with
hope: here a dream,
there a memory:
there, yes, there, when
the past kisses the future
and ushers the present in
Your presence.

2 thoughts on “The Present in Your Presence

  1. shoreacres says:

    In a way, this is a restatement of your previous post. It seems a gracious reminder that past, present, and future are bound one to another in relationship, and offer us a space for other sorts of relationships to develop.

    • agjorgenson says:

      Interesting, I hadn’t thought of it as a poetic riff on the past post, but now I can see that. I guess both posts are really imagining how that extra me is pro me – in the Latin of Luther – by way of the ordinary doing the extraordinary.

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