Acutely Awake

Such a peculiar beauty – winter, a
crystal white world wedding
the dream of sleep and
soft light affording
luxurious insight.
Winter’s wisdom is
generous. It sees
beyond fault – sharp
edges softened by snow;
hard surfaces now
dancing under the
play of sun’s illumining rays –
now from this angle
now from that.
This season of sleep is a
time of grace; of being
acutely awake to
other worlds.

8 thoughts on “Acutely Awake

  1. shoreacres says:

    The silence of snow, and of wintertime, can be remarkable. You’ve captured it well. And the sleep imagery reminds me of the metaphor so often used: a blanket of snow. With the world all tucked in and safe, it’s easy to dream.

  2. Noel Hartem says:

    snow softens sounds so poetically

  3. Wonderful ending, A. The redemptive side of things. Happy new year.

  4. poetry does that, and yours certainly does: makes me ‘acutely awake’. Thanks!

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