Painting Me in Three

I decided, not so long ago, that it was time to paint a portrait again. I generally work on landscapes but a few years ago I painted my Oppa, from a photograph. It was a most trying and satisfying experience: trying because I must have spent more time working on his eyes than any optometrist ever did. But satisfying because I remembered him as I painted: the way he teased Omma, his slow but graceful ways, his lovely accent, his warm smile, and the fact that he is – at least in part – where I come from. It was a richly satisfying experience, emotionally. But it was hard work for this amateur, not that painting landscapes isn’t. Yet this was altogether different. I’m not surprised it has taken me some time to come back to a portrait. The delay has been extended by the problem of deciding whom next to paint.

Some time ago I came upon the idea of doing a self-portrait. Yet, I knew I wanted to do something a little unusual and so have demurred. A couple of weeks ago I came upon an idea while cleaning up some files. I found a folder with some school photographs inspiring me to paint myself as a young lad. I spent some time pondering myself at twelve different stages. I came to the conclusion that I peaked in grade three, the year when my teacher likely combed my hair, and my teeth were all in place, and I seemed to exude a joy that suggests that life was pretty fine. I found my subject.

I have not yet started painting me in grade three, although I have done some sketches to warm up to the task before me. Drawing the sketches has been rather vexing. I come out looking like a young adult. With some re-working I can get myself down to what seems to be about grade seven. It is hard to draw myself at eight years of age. Perhaps the years have made it hard for me to reflect the adventurousness and curiousity of my public-school self. I can’t quite get me, but I have spent quite a bit of time looking at my eyes. The eyes seem to hold the key, and I will likely need a bit more sketch work before I wander toward the canvas.

In the meantime, I have been making an acquaintance of my grade three self. It has been most interesting. Questions emerge: what were my eight-year-old worries, joys, dreams, hopes? Was I proud of those delightful freckles? Where has my hair all gone? When I see myself in the photograph, I think that I would like to spend some time with that young man! Of course, I can and do spend time with him. He wanders around inside me; some days spreading more trouble than delight, and some days the opposite. Some days I send him to his room, but he generally sneaks out, and for that I am glad. We are spending quite a bit of time together these days!

I am not especially confident that this will be a successful venture, but I am absolutely certain that it will be worth every minute: looking at myself at a different stage in life, wondering whether one day I will be 82 painting my 56-year-old self ,and wondering: “What’s up with that grin?”


8 thoughts on “Painting Me in Three

  1. This is a delightful post, Allen…thank you! “I can’t quite get me” (at age eight). True of us all, at so many ages, it seems!

  2. Mary Irene says:

    Playful and delightful!

  3. agjorgenson says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it Mary!

  4. Love that you are taking up painting, the self-portrait, esp! Wonderful exploration of your young self, A. Hope we get to see something of this… =)

    • agjorgenson says:

      Thanks! I’ve painted for some years, but not consistently. Alas, when life gets busy it takes a back seat. Why is this? We shelve what we enjoy when we probably need it more than ever. Strange creatures are we! As for seeing it? I’ll see how it turns out…

  5. shoreacres says:

    What a wonderful post, and what a splendid idea, Allen. Of course the number three — for your third grade self — brought to mind a trinitarian approach: perhaps a triptych showing three of your major characteristics at the time. But that would be even more of an undertaking: the sort of idea that’s easier to come up with than to execute. Still, it would be fun.

    Whatever you do and however it turns out, you’re right that the enjoyment of the process will be its own reward.

    • agjorgenson says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it so. A triptych would be brilliant, but I am afraid that getting eight year old me on the canvas one time will take all my wits and resources! Maybe I’ll be up to it when I am older and a bit wiser in the ways of portraiture!!

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