I Become What I See

This cloud is a
masterpiece. Wisps
of white stroking a blue
canvas, evoking

breath of mother on child’s cheek


slip of fish with current.

So gentle these clouds
that slowly grow
with time and travel until
one day they weep into life
or perhaps rage in violence.

From my vantage point
at tiller, I cannot but
stop breathing – for a time – as
this beauty evaporates
me. Now ascending into
this scene I become
what I see:

Your breath on my cheek

a silver streak in living water.


5 thoughts on “I Become What I See

  1. shoreacres says:

    We do become what we see: as well as what we hear and read. That’s the reason to choose our experiences carefully, and to cast a discerning eye on those we haven’t chosen. Some are wonderfully upbuilding and unforgettable — as the one you’ve written about here. Others can diminish us: sometimes in ways we don’t recognize until too late.

  2. Mary Irene says:

    Spiritual sensitivity to what surrounds us, absorbs us, becomes part of us….I so very much enjoy your artful expressions

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