But a flicker

Yesterday our tree got a
a trim, only it isn’t really
our tree. It is actually our
elder, deeply rooted in
earth. Being closer to sun,
it beams. Scooping up wind,
it sings. Stretching across our lot,
it draws us in, only it really
isn’t our lot, our plot, our earth.
We belong to it, or so said
Chief Seattle, and I suspect
we would all do well to
trade “seize” for “see” and
be a bit more circumspect
at the prospect that we
own anything. We are
but a flicker across the
spectral vision of the divine
whose seeing us is the only reason
we have not yet slipped back into
the dust from whence tree imbibes life.

Yesterday, our tree got a trim.
Today, I touched its trunk and breathed.

2 thoughts on “But a flicker

  1. shoreacres says:

    Carpe diem may be a good enough motto, as long as we remember that seizing the day is qualitatively different from seizing control. Seizing the day involves accepting what’s offered, and making something of it. Seizing control — of others, of land, of power — inevitably brings destruction. It’s a shame more ‘leaders’ don’t realize that. (Or perhaps they do, but don’t care.)

    • agjorgenson says:

      Yes, carpe is another kind of seizing. I’m all for taking advantage of opportunities, but too many leaders take advantage of people, the planet, etc. I like the image of carpe as accepting what’s offered, because it invites us to to keep our eyes, hands and hearts open.

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