Eve and Adam

To learn more about runes, check out this site.

today your
beauty was severe
as you sang the poetry of
trunks and branches runed,
and your face sparkled
with the blush of
first light.

Your breath spirited me
to this marvel of your
possessing me fully.
Here I fall ever
anew into you, into
your sacred site of joy.

I will not slip between
your fingers, but will cling
to you until that moment when
I finally and fully fall into death; and
until that days comes, I will
practice dying by coming
again and again to
the loam I am:

4 thoughts on “Eve and Adam

  1. shoreacres says:

    Did you know there are said to be five runestones in Oklahoma, inscribed by Norse explorers who came up the rivers long before Columbus showed up? There are some true believers. I’ve seen the largest runestone in Heavener, Oklahoma, but haven’t written about it yet because it was raining the day I was there and the photos are really bad. One of these days.

    But that’s a side note. The poem’s beautiful, and your use of ‘runed’ is perfect.

    • agjorgenson says:

      No, I did not know that about Oklahoma. So very interesting. We do know of course, that the Vikings were in Newfoundland, and I had heard something about Runes in the mid-West, but this was of dubious credibility, I think. I’ll look forward to your post on this!

      Glad to know that the ‘rune’ landed wel!

  2. Love this poem, Allen. In addition to the inspired use of “runed” I loved the Adam/Amen at the end.

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