Into My Desire

How is it that You stay away
but still dwell more deeply
in me: You the Horizon
swallowing an ocean tanker whole;
You the Sea that tides my desire
over and over and over again;
You this perpetual Ache that
washes me from head to toe
so that I know nothing of
myself save wanting of You.

Now, this orange I taste is Your lip
this wind on my arm Your finger tip
this warmth of sun Your breath on my neck
and this spirited laugh that wells from within
is now Your Spirit, spinning me round
and round until I collapse into
my Desire, into You.

6 thoughts on “Into My Desire

  1. 90fani says:

    Como eu posso gostar
    Ou amar essa pessoa
    Não sei mas o que fazer
    Mudar essa citação
    Ela tem resposta pra tudo
    Não poderia da certo

    Não posso compreender
    Nem eu que estudei tanto
    Estou aqui a pensar
    Vou ter personalidades
    Mudar de rumo me misturar

    Quem sabe assim eu engano
    Ao mesmo tempo me escondo
    Onde não pode me achar
    Um tiro saiu errado
    Estou mas apaixonado

    E agora o que fazer
    Eu amo essa mulher
    Com loucura e paixão
    O erro é inevitável
    Vou procurar minha amada

    Vou fazer uma proposta
    Eu não falo ela não
    E durante todo percurso
    Espaço que dividimos
    Seremos cegos e mudos
    Para viver este amor
    Tão lindo e tão sofrido

    Amor de gêmeos
    Almas gêmeas


  2. shoreacres says:

    At the end, your references to spinning brought to mind the famous Dervishes, Little Black Sambo and his tiger going around and around the tree, our merry-go-round at my grade school playground, and the Tilt-A-Whirl at the County Fair!

    Isn’t it interesting that we speak of someone spinning out of control, or of our heads spinning. Eventually, every child learns the wild joy of just spinning around until collapse occurs — and yet vertigo is considered a disorder.

    I’d say you have a good image there: strong and evocative.

    • agjorgenson says:

      So funny, you wrote Dervishes, and the first thing I thought of was Sufis. Maybe that was in the back of my brain, having read some Rumi last summer. Whirling is a powerful motif, with the earth whirling as it spins around the sun. There is something there, I think…

  3. agjorgenson says:

    Oh that makes sense then, I thought that it was one name not two!

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