Full Stop

Your smile is firmly
entrenched in my mind’s eye
even while my heart’s
tongue tastes still Your tears,
salty and sweet both.

Yours is a lament that sings
to an air of promise.

Sometimes I hear You call
my name: now
in a dream, now
in a desire, now
in a drive to be
more fully me.

God, in this You find
me: heart pounding
at a full stop.

2 thoughts on “Full Stop

  1. shoreacres says:

    There’s often a good bit of ambiguity in those “heart pounding at full stop” moments. Is the snake poisonous, or no? Is the alligator coming or going? Is the traveler on the path friend or foe? And so on. That’s why it’s such a great phrase for describing the divine/human encounter, however it comes.

    • agjorgenson says:

      It is funny how ambiguity holds such potential for meaning and such. But still people fear it so. It intrigues me how people have such different capacities for it, often not of their own doing, I think. But it seems my world is a little richer when I can embrace it.

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