The Tick of a Hand

Is it possible that the tick
of the clock is all there is?
That tock is a figment of my
Imagination, projected by
an ear anxious to hear what
really isn’t there?

I’m amazed and
arrested by
the thought that the
tock of the clock is a ruse.

As this thought winds
its way through my body, I
recall those odd times when
my eye twitched without my
willing it to do so – twitch, twitch,
twitch – like the tick of a hand
racing across a face
looking to tock.

4 thoughts on “The Tick of a Hand

  1. shoreacres says:

    Right across the room, my pendulum clock very clearly is ticking and tocking — though whether it’s talking is an open question. As for those tics, they are mysterious, and seeming proof that every action doesn’t necessarily have an equal and opposite reaction. Or does it?

    • agjorgenson says:

      My watch clearly only ticks, even while our pendulum clock does both. But my running watch is utterly silent, though it does light up every now and then. As for proofs… I’ll leave that up to the physicists and mathematicians! Poets trade in allusions…

  2. LOVE this short little post, Allen. It’s succinct, but so full of meaning and suggestion. Thanks for this!

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