Walking down an Addis Street

my mind drifts, following
my eyes, now on a
pothole, now on a
building bending from sky
to ground, now on
beauty whisking across
the street with poise and purpose,
now on a row of toilets and sinks
and pipes for plumbing lives.
But then I see a little finger
swaddled in a mother’s
hand. And I think on
You and my soul
floats up to a
place where
I know

4 thoughts on “Walking down an Addis Street

  1. shoreacres says:

    What a lovely poem. I like the way the form itself ends by focusing on the most important thing: Love.

    I wondered about ‘Addis’ — it reminded me of Addis Ababa, and I wondered that that name meant. I found out that the name of the Ethiopian capital translates as ‘new flower.’ That fits nicely, too, with the flowering in your poem.

    • agjorgenson says:

      Glad to know that it reminds you of Addis Ababa, because that is the Addis I had in mind! I just returned from spending a week there for an LWF consultation. At one point I mistakenly had Addis Street in the title, while I intended ‘an Addis Street.’ The locals tend to just call it ‘Addis.’ Did you ever visit there during your days in Liberia?

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