Eggs, Over and Out

On my way downstairs,
I grabbed an empty
egg carton –
ripe for recycle –
recalling that
my daughter started
spring plants in one filled
with twelve fistfuls of soil:
a dozen ova of expectation;
a dozen disciples of revivification;
a dozen loci of resurrection.

My egg carton remains empty.
But still, I find the vacated spaces generative.

4 thoughts on “Eggs, Over and Out

  1. arlavergne says:

    As a novice gardener, I found this use for our discarded egg cartons to be the best thing I’ve heard today, a wonderful witness against the dismal and depressing. Thank you! Yesterday, Barbara and I went on a walk to gather plants from along our path. Weeds to some but, according to Grandmama, simply plants in the wrong place. We scored some violets, wooly woundwort, lungwort and motherwort.

    • agjorgenson says:

      Glad to know that I’ve given your egg cartons a new lease on life! I was inspired by your note to learn just a little bit about these worts. Very interesting. Best wishes with your garden this year!

  2. shoreacres says:

    We always used egg cartons useful for sorting craft supplies, too: differently colored beads, sequins, chalks, stones. I like the thought of using a mental egg carton for sorting experiences. Grocery frustrations go here; disagreements with bureaucrats go there; birdsong belongs in this one, and sunsets in that.

    • agjorgenson says:

      A mental egg carton… what a great idea! But I think you will need a gross or more rather than a dozen! As an aside, I am on “holidays” this week, and so purchased a year’s subscription to Master Class. I’ve been enjoying Billy Collin’s class on poetry a great deal.

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