Lawn Tall Bean

There is a bean to be seen
growing in the middle of our lawn,
there by grace of a chipmunk who squirreled
away a pod found in the ground of my garden;
my three sisters garden.

This bean would not be save for
the drought that stopped my lawn mowing,
without which it would have been a has bean.

I’m contemplating what kind of a bean pole
might serve as a lean-to for this lawn tall bean.
Maybe a stick that it can stick to while it rises
in our yard, or maybe a rod, stuck in the sod,
iron graced with the green of bean.

I’m watching this plant with bated breath
as Creator works wonders despite,
or rather because of,
Chip’s plunders.

7 thoughts on “Lawn Tall Bean

  1. haha…I love the way you play with language in all your posts, but it’s especially lovely here, Allen!

  2. shoreacres says:

    I can’t read the phrase ‘lawn tall bean’ without thinking of the song “Long, Tall Sally.” Little Richard recorded that around 1956, when I still was in grade school. How time does fly! It will be interesting to hear what you decide to carry when you sally forth to sturdy-up your bean: when Lawn Bean meets Human Bean, it ought to be interesting!

    • agjorgenson says:

      Lawn bean is still nicely growing, and my local experts are thinking it might be a bean after all, just not the same as the one in my garden. Chipmunks keep things interesting!

      • shoreacres says:

        That’s wonderful. We have so many varieties of plants in the pea/bean family here, and quite often they’ll produce a fruit that looks like a garden bean. Often the flowers are very pretty — but some of them can be thuggish, and take over a plot of land. Keep your eye on it!

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