Roots in You

Trees cannot walk, unlike
homo erectus now sapiens.
But our silva relations
are stars at standing still,
the sine qua non for
paying attention.

Simone Weil once wrote:
“attention is the rarest and purest
form of generosity,” so making of trees
exemplars – always giving
shade and sap
breath and beauty
warmth and wood.

Posing like a tree
demands more of me
than I first imagine:
balance, humility, serenity
and finally, roots in You.

6 thoughts on “Roots in You

  1. shoreacres says:

    It’s getting harder every day to stand like a tree, and I don’t foresee things improving much in the near future — or the medium future, for all that. Your musing’s timely, as well as satisfying and true.

  2. wow. really love this, Allen. You’re a master at crafting whimsy and power in the same image.

  3. agjorgenson says:

    Thanks so much Matthew. I’ll credit the tree for any power or whimsy… she’s a fine muse.

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