Prayer, Interrupted…

Prayer, interrupted… now
by my toe’s twitch; communion with
the Almighty stayed… now
by the realization that I am
double booked next Tuesday and
cannot be in two places at once unlike
the ubiquitous God, whose call
I have just dropped … now
by sleep – sometimes sneaking up on me,
sometimes evading me, me who cannot be
like divinity, neither
slumbering nor sleeping.

Prayer, interrupted, or
perhaps prayer converted
from pious pleas to
embodied aches and yearning… learning to
embrace my humanity as I
embark in a conversation
encompassing all that I do – and don’t…
my flesh now made word.

6 thoughts on “Prayer, Interrupted…

  1. arlavergne says:

    You have been Word for as long as I have known you. Lovely, as always. André

  2. Amen to André’s comment, Allen. What a lovely, deeply day-to-day piece

  3. shoreacres says:

    You’ve raised some interesting thoughts for me: prayer as something we “do” vs. prayer as something we live.

  4. agjorgenson says:

    I think we should marry the two and see what progeny results.

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