Including Green

When I was a child
I was told that
blood runs blue until
it spills in the air, where
it’s painted red. I’ve since
read that blood is not blue
but then when I view my veins,
I see green. Maybe my blood
Is tainted with envy or maybe
it’s enviro-blood, scouting out
ways to minimize my-its-our
carbon footprint, or maybe
it’s a sickly green, at sea in
seeing naught but ought, not yet
aware of freeing waves of grace
awash in every colour
including green.

2 thoughts on “Including Green

  1. shoreacres says:

    I found myself wondering about the origin of the phrase “blue bloods” to indicate class, and found this. I thought it was interesting that “An English publication of 1811 stated that the nobility of Valencia were divided into three classes – blue blood, red blood and yellow blood.” I’ll bet they would have envied your green blood!

  2. agjorgenson says:

    Thanks for the reference! Mine is definitely not blue… and I have a lack of class to prove it. But it is interesting how a number of different web sites I looked at spoke of people being taught that blood actually is blue until spilled. Funny how these misunderstandings spread.

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