Turtles in Pink

The water is glacier green in this lake called Pink.
Three turtles graced our field of vision as we
traced its circumference. This lake
tells the tale of a day when sea
covered what is now
trees and rocks and the history
that followed that flood.

I look around and see mystery:
people smiling at vistas,
fish at water’s edge,
sun blessing faces – and
joy arrives. It just does.

We work so hard to keep
death and sorrow at bay
that some days I wonder
whether we miss joy in
our striving… but joy
comes to us unawares: in
an unexpected call,
a smile that knows more,
an offer to help and
a willingness to be helped.

Joy comes in green and blue and turquoise.
Joy comes in the leisurely roll of a turtle,
turning my world round.

4 thoughts on “Turtles in Pink

  1. shoreacres says:

    Your backyard looks lovely! And your poem is lovely, too. I wondered if there really were pink lakes, and lo and behold — you have some up there! But your green pink lake is a delight, as is its lazy turtle, and its wonderful, summertime feel. Methinks someone has been out on his boat!

    • agjorgenson says:

      Thanks! It gives us joy both in working and resting in it. Interestingly, after going to Pink Lake we wandered over to Brown Lake, which is not quite as attractive in name but equally delightful to the sight. Yes, I have been enjoying the boat!

  2. LC Mueller says:

    Thanks for the joy you and Gwenanne shared with me last weekend, water, falls, boat, conversation, all joy. This poem reminds me. xo Cuz

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