Stern Words

I sit at the stern of my sailboat.
Ducks float here and there. I
speak to them, and they to me, but
in duck tongue. So, no luck there
but still the night is magical.
Masts tick-tock like metronomes,
and the lap of water
against the hull whispers “satis est…

Night lights are so soft and the
sounds are scrumptious. The
rock of the boat is hypnotic.
Here at the stern I am
speechless, and
the word heard for those
with ears to hear is:

4 thoughts on “Stern Words

  1. thanks for taking us into that moment with you

  2. shoreacres says:

    Oh! That kind of stern! It’s a wonderful poem. Somehow it captures the shush of the water against the hull, and, yes: that rocking motion. I still remember the odd sensation of getting off the boat after my first days-long sail, going to shower, and feeling as though I still was moving with the boat. That business about getting our ‘land legs’ back is no joke. Blessed are we if we’re able to regain our land-legs, but keep the feeling of sea-legs, too.

    • agjorgenson says:

      Thanks for entertaining my play on words! I know well that shower experience, and every time I experience it I give thanks for my sea legs, and sea ears, too.

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