At the Edge of Devil’s Lake

This lake is called “Devil’s” but
at this moment it is a gateway to heaven.
Its sentinels are a stalwart frog,
a water snake who has perfected s’s,
guppies nibbling at my toes, and
a butterfly in buttery yellow so
stunning that it melts my heart.

I spent a good bit of time tonight
taking in this lake by light of fireflies.

My hope is that it has settled in
my soul so that when the time
comes to step through the
pearly gates, I’ll find them within.

2 thoughts on “At the Edge of Devil’s Lake

  1. shoreacres says:

    Such a sweet, peaceful poem. Curious, I went looking for Devil’s Lake, and I noticed that just south of the Devil’s Lake Boat Ramp there’s a Pulpit Island. How perfect would it be for you to camp there? You could be like St. Francis and preach to the birds — or let them preach to you!

    • agjorgenson says:

      What a lovely idea! Instead we were in Hardwood Bay, and heard the siren calls of the loons there. The sound of a loon says “canoe” and “summer” to me. Their’s is a very fine sermon!

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