A Garment Called Joy

Beauty bests me as
it vests me with eyes
seen by robin, whose
cocked head whips
mine round. It
unsettles me as it
wrestles me into
a garment called joy:
a toddler twists
a stalk explodes a bloom
and a preacher weeps the good news:
“finger to ear;
spit to tongue” among these
words, water, wonder.

6 thoughts on “A Garment Called Joy

  1. arlavergne says:

    Beautifully tendered. I love joy as a verb, too.

  2. such delightful play with the words. Wonderful!

  3. shoreacres says:

    It just occurred to me: that cock of the head probably is the way Cock Robin (of the nursery rhyme) got his name. I do like the poem — especially the image of someone having to be wrestled into joy — but I’ll confess that the last three lines make no sense to me. Might the words in quotation marks be a Canadian proverb of some sort?

  4. agjorgenson says:

    I had never thought of that, but of course it makes sense! As for your question, I wrote this poem some time ago after hearing a very fine sermon on Mark 7:31-37 and reflecting on it in the backyard, hence the veiled textual reference alongside of the bird and flower pieces. I’m glad that you liked the poem!

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