Shadows Settling Me

Is there a light
as lovely as a
candle’s? She
makes art
of the wall:
deftly balancing

light and shade

aptly drawing

my eye in, then out

graciously holding

the centre

while caressing

the contours of this space.

She transfixes me, this candle.

She sets me in the room, just so,

and her glow mirrors

Yours – Word Aflame – Word

seen and heard as You

divine me, define me

draw me in, enthrall me.

I sit in the splendor of this

candle, in the lure

of shadows settling me.

I the Wick

No fire can replace You –




But still I enjoy


candle and


They dance me

red, orange, and azure too.

They draw me

in inviting me

out of dark pettiness

and so they echo You.

But fires also rage and raze



hearts, and I

swear that when I
shake my first at You,
You play the

Flame and I the


Candle Eyes

20161023_121840These candles have their
eyes on me. I’m bound,
now by their not

letting me know
what they see with
their eyes’ inner eye

that still decries my
blindness to matters that
matter. Nor

can I see the
air wick eats as
it opens orb.

And yet I sit, transfixed
and inflicted with the
beauty of fire’s breath:

surely, slowly, aflame.