No Truck with Deception

The sky holds no
truck with deception – nor
does it countenance
circumvention. It is
the soul of the earth:
soul, and skin.

The sky’s shudders
announce that You
are nigh and it
drips at
Your caress.

We wait below, as
dermal cells,
to and fro:
Now – shaking under shiver
Now – languishing under sigh.
Now – weeping at such beauty.

Under Observation

The sky summons forth a cloud and
a watery angel – with fellows in tow – strides
across the sky purposely: ministering servants all.
This host (often portrayed as arrayed in white despite
their Prussian blue hues) shocks me.
Azure heaven meets verdant earth
in a horizon of promise.
I look up, and see
these angels
seeing me